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BIOLFLOR - Eine Datenbank mit biologisch-ökologischen Merkmalen zur Flora von Deutschland.


Dennis Baldocchi and colleagues: Berkeley Biometeorology Lab Web site
Education -> Education Tools -> C Code CANOAK Version 2


Klimešová J & Klimeš L(2005):
CLO-PLA - a database of clonal growth in plants.
(CLOPLA 3, version updated 20. 10. 2005)


Jansson P-E & Karlberg L: Coupled heat and mass transfer model for soil-plant-atmosphere system (= CoupModel)
Online at:

Official documentation at:


Ecological Flora of the British Isles

Fitter AH & Peat HJ (1994)
The Ecological Flora Database.
J. Ecol. 82
pp. 415-425. home

History of biology, Wikpedia
(last accessed December 2009)

History of physics, Wikipedia
(last accessed Decmber 2009)


International Council of Museums
(last accessed December 2009)



The International Union for Conservation of Nature

IUCN Red List
(last accessed November 2009)




MIT System Dynamics Group

NetLogo Home Page


Palynological Database.
An online publication of the Society for the Promotion of Palynological Research in Austria

Prasad AM & Iverson LR (1999-2009):

A Climate Change Atlas for 80 Forest Tree Species of the Eastern United States [database].
Northeastern Research Station, USDA Forest Service, Delaware, Ohio, USA
(last accessed Dec. 2009)


Scientific Facts on Biodiversity (2009):

Seed Information Datbase

Liu K, Eastwood RJ, Flynn S, Turner RM & Stuppy WH (2008):
Seed Information Database (release 7.1, May 2008)

(last accessed December 2009)

Stefanssion B (1999):

SwarmFest Tutorial 99

STELLA, isee Systems

SWARM Development Group Wiki

System Dynamics Society

Introduction to System Dynamics.

The LEDA Traitbase


Village Ecodynamics Project


Windows Intuitive Model Of Vegetation response to Atmospheric & Climate change (WIMOVAC)
Online at:

WIMOVAC Leaf Gas Exchange Module:
(WIMOVAC -> WIMOVAC Features -> WIMOVAC Algorithms -> Laef Gas Exchange Module)


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Refactoring to Patterns.
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BIOLFLOR - Eine Datenbank mit biologisch-ökologischen Merkmalen zur Flora von Deutschland.
pp. 337
Online at:

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Reports and Statements:

Djoghlaf A (2009):

The Executive Secretary of the converntion on Biological Diversity
Staement on the ocasion of
The fitth Intergovernmental Conference on Biodiversity in Europe
22 September 2009
Liege, Belgium
Oline at:

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Impacts of Europe's changing climate - an indicator-based assessment
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Impacts of Europe's changing climate - 2008 indicator-based assessment
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Gesetzlicher Biotopschutz - Vortrag mit Folien
Landesanstalt fr Umweltschutz Baden-Württemberg (LfU)
Redaktion Landesanstalt fr Umweltschutz Baden-Württemberg, Abteilung 2 Ökologie, Boden- und Naturschutz, Fachdienst Naturschutz
Reihe Naturschutz-Praxis / Flchenschutz
Band-Nr. 1
Online at:

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Threat situation of plant groups in Germany

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Download PDF:
papergruetersetal..pdf [432 KB]

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